It's bollywood time!

May 26, 2015

On 17th of may, my college was having a dinner for foundation student. Actually it was handled by fisco june intake 2014.

This marks the end of their study as a foundation student, while me still crawling to finish my foundy😢 I still have 2 months to go! 

The dinner theme was bollywood. No. Im not wearing any saree or kurti. Guess what, i just wore my white dress with a red shawl and a headchain. Hahahaha simple. 

Oh ya, during the dinner, there were some activities prepared for us for example voting for the maharaja, maharani, raja and rani. Maharaja maharani is for the june intake's student while raja rani is for august and april's intake. I was quiet shocked because im one of the nominees and.....taraaaaaaa i won it😂 hahahaha thanks to the fans *crying* chehhh jk! 

And....not forget to mention. Our table won wefie competition😂 hahaha thanks to our sporting lecturer; mister nasier.

Here are some pictures of us. Yeah time for bollywood! 👳🏽

       *maharaja maharani raja rani* 

Bye, xoxo keksha.

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