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March 07, 2014

Hi. Assalamualaikum..

This Is Us? What is this? Haha if u guys memang minat gila nak mampos dengan One Direction, u guys tau lah ni apa This Is Us ni. So bagi yang tidak tahu, This Is Us ni kiranya macam documentary or lebih dikenali sebagai movie yang mengisahkan perjalanan carrier dan hidup One Direction. Arghhhhhhh they are soooooooo awesome huwaa. Kini aku mengerti kenapa Ira ( my friend ) suka gila-gila dengan 1D ni. Kalau u guys tengok movie This Is Us ni, boleh nampak ramai fangirling yang menangis terlampau excited.

So this is the link This Is Us kalau nak tengok movie tersebut. Best juga bagi aku. Kenapa? Sebab kita akan feel yang kita sedang bersama mereka. Chewahh..

So I introduce you ONE DIRECTION!!

Harry Styles

Harry Edward Styles, born 1 February 1994 (age 20), is from the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. He is a former pupil at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, a state comprehensive school. Born to Anne Cox (née Selley) and Des Styles, he has one sibling, his elder sister Gemma. He was seven when their parents divorced; his mother subsequently remarried. Following the divorce, Styles, his older sister and mother moved further out into the Cheshire countryside. At the age of 12 he moved back to Holmes Chapel. Prior to participating in The X Factor, the then 16-year-old Styles had a part-time job at the W. Mandeville Bakery in Holmes Chapel.
Styles was the lead singer for the band White Eskimo with band members lead guitarist Haydn Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeny. They had once entered a Battle of the Bands competition, which they won. As a child, Styles loved singing, noting Elvis Presley as one of his influences. He also cites Presley for his musical beginnings. 
Styles cites contemporaries such as Foster the PeopleColdplay and Kings of Leon among his influences. Styles stated that "The X Factor gave him 'a lot more' [confidence]" as a performer. He often looks to Coldplay front man Chris Martin for inspiration when performing on stage. Styles has stated that The Beatles had an influence on him growing up, as his father often played their music.

  • Trademarks:
    • His curly, brown hair.
    • His dimples.
    • Being flirty and cheeky.
  • He has four nipples.
  • He is a clean freak, as stated in an interview with Celebritex.
  • His hair used to be straight when he was little.
  • According to Heat magazine, he used to work in a pastry shop/bakery in his early teens. His ex-boss says, "He was the most polite employee we ever had. Customers really took a shine to him."
  • He doesn't like girls who wear too much makeup.
  • Out of all the boys, he cries the easiest.
  • His least favorite class in school was chemistry.
  • His favorite class in school was home economics.
  • He has a crush on Adele.
  • He was voted the 18th hottest hunk of 2012 by readers of Heat Magazine, making him sexier than Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Steve Jones and Robbie Williams.
  • He has a cat named Molly.
  • When Simon Cowell put the boys into a group, Harry came with the names "Status Single" and One Direction.
  • His favorite food is tacos.
  • He is scared of roller coasters.
  • His favorite colors are blue and orange.
  • On his wedding day, he wants Louis to be his best man.
  • Harry has the most solos in all the group's songs.
  • Harry is 5'10 inches tall and has size 10 feet.
  • He is a Manchester United fan.
  • He doesn't like Boba Tea
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Zayn Malik

Zain Javadd "Zayn" Malik, born 12 January 1993 (age 21), is from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. His father, Yaser Malik, is British Pakistani, and his mother, Tricia (née Brannan) Malik, is of Irish and English descent. He has one older sister, Doniya, and two younger sisters, Waliyha and Safaa.
He grew up in East Bowling, was a pupil at Lower Fields Primary School, and went to Tong High School, a state comprehensive school. Malik did not fit in at his first two schools due to his mixed heritage. Malik has stated that he started taking pride in his appearance after moving schools at the age of twelve. Upon auditioning for The X Factor, he stated: "I was looking for an experience". He cites urban music as his main musical influence, growing up, he was into R&B and rap. He as well as other members of One Direction further notes artists such as Bruno Mars, as a "dream collaborator". Malik is a heavy cigarette smoker; in late 2011, he expressed his desire to quit. Malik is Muslim, and once affirmed that by tweeting "La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah" (declaration of faith, meaning: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah"). 
As of 18 August 2013, Malik is engaged to singer Perrie Edwards, of the band Little Mix.

  • Zayn's birth name is actually spelled 'Zain'. It wasn't until The X Factor that he decided to change the spelling to 'Zayn' because he liked how it looked. He has still not legally changed the spelling.
  • He accidentaly smashed a Vespa in 2012.
  • His worst habit is being late.
  • Harry says that Zayn is a sick cook.
  • His name means "beautiful" in Arabic.
  • He's afraid of open water.
  • He has size 8-and-a half feet.
  • He had never had a passport or been on a plane before One Direction.
  • He smokes but is trying to quit.
  • Zayn wrote his own verse in the song "What Makes You Beautiful".
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • His zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • His man crush is Justin Timberlake.
  • He loves drawing.
  • His first tweet from his Twitter account @zaynmalik was on August 9, 2010.

Liam Payne

Liam James Payne, born 29 August 1993 (age 21), is from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. Born three weeks early, to Karen and Geoff Payne, he has two older sisters, Ruth and Nicola. Until the age of four, Payne had regular tests done in hospital as doctors noticed one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. To help cope with the pain, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening as a child. As a student, Payne was heavily involved in sports. Payne was bullied in secondary school and took up boxing lessons at the age of 12. He was a music technology student at City of Wolverhampton College.
Payne had once performed in front of a crowd of 26,000 at a Wolverhampton Wanderers football match. Payne first auditioned in 2008 to The X Factor's fifth series when he was fourteen. He made it to the judges' houses, but Cowell thought he was not ready for the competition and asked him to come back in two years. Payne cites Justin Timberlake as one of his biggest influences. He also said that he draws inspiration from Take That member Gary Barlow when performing.
Payne is currently in a relationship with model Sophia Smith, from Wolverhampton.

  • Liam is the third oldest in the group.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • His favorite film is the Toy Story trilogy.
  • Just like Niall and Zayn, Liam has size 8 feet.
  • Niall claims that Liam is the most competitive of the five.
  • He is not a morning person.
  • He doesn't like spoons, and has stated he wants to make an 'anti-spoon app'
  • His celebrity crush is Leona Lewis.
  • He was born with a damaged kidney.
  • He knows how to beatbox.
  • He is the most serious of the group and the others say he keeps the band together.
  • He says that he would love to snuggle with his girlfriend and watch Disney films all day.
  • He normally starts off the songs.
  • Just like Niall, his zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • His man crush is Michael Mclntyre.
  • He and Niall share the same middle name, James.
  • His favorite animal is turtles.
  • Like Louis, Liam knows how to surf.
  • He now has his driver's license.

Niall Horan

Niall James Horan, born 13 September 1993 (age 21), is from Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Born to Bobby and Maura (née Gallagher) Horan, he has an older brother named Greg. Their parents divorced when he was five. He and his brother lived between each of their homes for a few years before eventually deciding to live with their father in Mullingar. Horan was a pupil at Coláiste Mhuire, a boys' Christian Brothers school. He was in his school's choir, performing seasonally around Christmas.
Prior to participating in The X Factor, he performed around his homeland, including as a support act for Lloyd Daniels in Dublin. Horan has been playing guitar since his childhood. Horan has also stated that he is a "big swing" fan, citing favourite artists Frank SinatraDean Martin and Michael Bublé. Horan liked rock music and is a fan of The EaglesBon Jovi and The Script.

  • Trademarks:
    • His love of food.
    • His blonde hair. (Note: that it's naturally brown and is/has been bleached/dyed ever since he was 12)
    • His Irish accent.
    • His laugh.
    • His carefree attitude.
  • His favourite place to eat is Nando's.
  • He has a Nando's Black Card which lets him have unlimited Nando's for him and five friends at any Nando's restaurant for free.
  • His starsign is Virgo.
  • His eyes are light blue.
  • He often talks in his sleep, a condition called somniloquy.
  • He is 5 foot 7 inches (178cm tall).
  • He has size 8 feet.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • He is left handed.
  • He is the only member of One Direction who was not born in the England. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.
  • He skypes with his family and close friends from the One Direction tour bus.
  • Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be 'Niall and the Potatoes'.
  • He believes in no sex before marriage.
  • Niall's microphone has the colors of the Irish flag stuck to the bottom of it.
  • The only book Niall has ever read is 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.
  • His guitar was the best Christmas present he ever received.
  • He prefers girls with brown eyes.
  • Niall didn't take his T-shirt off in the What Makes You Beautiful video because he didn't think he was slim enough.
  • Niall feels awkward talking about his body.
  • His favorite subject in school was geography.
  • He never went to his school prom.
  • On the X-Factor, Katy Perry told Niall not to let her down. The day their album came out in the U.S. she tweeted Niall saying "Congratulations, you didn't let me down".
  • He likes to swear a lot, which is why he is normally quiet in interviews.
  • Niall waxed his legs for charity, but said he wouldn't do it again as it was too painful.
  • He has Claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.
  • His celebrity crush is Demi Lovato
  • He is the only band member who doesn't have a tattoo.
  • Niall's favourite songs are 'Fly Me to the Moon' by Frank Sinatra and 'Boys of Summer' by Don Henley.
  • He also likes A Team by Ed Sheeran and Viva La Vida by Coldplay.
  • When he was younger, Niall had Coulrophobia - a fear of clowns.
  • Niall's favorite album is Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits.
  • Niall had fish named Tom and Jerry, but they died due to being over fed.
  • Niall's childhood imaginary friend was named "Micheal".
  • He is a Belieber.
  • Niall is a huge Barack Obama fan.
  • Niall is now an uncle to a baby boy named, Theo (via his brother, Greg and wife Denise).
  • He has a cat named Jess.
  • He has a fear of birds.
  • He has now declared his fans #CrazyMofos.
  • He had braces in 2011 after Simon told him to get them.
  • His favorite food is potatoes.
  • He stated that he thinks he's the least handsome and unpopular member of the group.
  • He loves it when girls rub their fingers through his hair.
  • Louis once said, in the nicest way possible he'd rather see any member of the group get punched then Niall.
  • He hates in when he's asked for a follow back, he stated that if you want a follow back ask him how his day was.
  • Niall stated that if he wasn't in One Direction, he'd be a dentist.
  • Niall loves Muffins.
  • He kissed Katy Perry.
  • When he was younger he was attacked by a pigeon in his bedroom.
  • He has a pair of white socks that he calls his lucky pair.
  • He is fluent in Spanish.
  • His favourite movie from when he was little was 'The Santa Clause 2'.
  • Both of his ears are pierced.
  • His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lopez.
  • He can not go to bed on an empty stomach.
  • His favourite move on stage is the 'Horan Leg Hop'.
  • The boys say he's always super happy which is really annoying because he's really happy at night.
  • He has a book which consists of all the headlines that Derby (his favourite team) have ever made.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis William Tomlinson, born Louis Troy Austin on 24 December 1991 (age 22), is from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Born to Johannah (née Poulston) and Troy Austin, his parents split up when he was young and he took the surname of his stepfather, Mark Tomlinson. He has five younger half-sisters, two of whom had roles as babies in the television series Fat Friends, on which he appeared as an extra. After Fat Friends, he attended an acting school in Barnsley. He had small parts in an ITV1 drama film If I Had You and BBC's Waterloo Road. He was a sixth form student at Hall Cross School, a state comprehensive school, and a former pupil of the Hayfield School. He failed his first year of A levels at the Hayfield School and ended up going back to Hall Cross and starting A levels again. He had a number of jobs, including at a Vue cinema and at Doncaster Rovers football stadium as a waiter in the hospitality suites.
As a student at Hall Cross, Tomlinson appeared in several musical productions. Playing Danny Zuko in the Hall Cross musical production of Grease motivated him to audition for The X Factor. Tomlinson cites Robbie Williams as his biggest influence and idol. In an interview with Now magazine, he said: "I've always loved Robbie. He's just so cheeky, he can get away with anything. His performances are unbelievable." He also admires the recording artist Ed Sheeran, describing him as "phenomenal".
Tomlinson is currently in a long term relationship with Manchester Student, Eleanor Calder.

  • He used to go to the hospital all the time with his mum to help her look after the babies.
  • He spent his first ever paycheck on adopting a chimpanzee called Larry.
  • The other One Direction members say that Louis sleepwalks.
  • He says that he is the messiest of the five.
  • His celebrity crush is Natalie Portman.
  • He states that he will stay immature forever.
  • His favorite colour is red.
  • He is signed on a non-contract basis with his hometown club, the Doncaster Rovers.
  • He played football for charity.
  • His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

And taraaaa

Okay that's all. They are my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th boyfriend. HAHAHA. Bye

xoxo, shazzy.

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