August 26, 2016

Yeay I passed my Professional Exam 1

Yeay I passed my Professional Exam 1
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Well, hello there. Finally after a month of sleepless night, tears and struggles, I finally passed my exam. Thanks to Allah the Almighty, my parents, my family, my lecturers, my friends and whoever has supports me and made doa for me. Thank you everyone!

There were ups and downs in my journey towards my professional exam 1. I still remember, during my first sem end block exam, I failed three papers!! Can you feel me? I am a bit down because everyone was like, come on it's just sem 1 and you can't score? I failed in Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Haha all this three subjects are important for our clinical year (well actually there is nothing in medical school is not important).

During my second sem, I was determined to do better in my end block exam but.....still I failed four papers!!! Epidemiology, Microbiology, Immunology and once again, Anatomy?! Huh..... But second sem is different from my first sem. It's a bit tough (a lot actually ha ha) because you need to remember all things. I. Repeat. All. Things. And the number of failures also increasing. I have tried my best but i've had no luck as yet ha ha. But no worries, they were a lot of students who failed in these three subjects (Microbiology, Immunology and Anatomy) so I am not alone😛 Don't judge us btw, PAPER TU SUSAH GILA HUHU. Epidemiology??? I failed because I wrote based on biochemistry, physiology and pathology for my essay. Paper epi tapi tulis lain???? 😐

It's okay, failure is just the beginning of your success.

Okay. Paper 1 is the combination of three subjects which are Anatomy, Histology and Embryology. Paper 2, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology and Genetics. Paper 3 consist of Pharmacology, Microbiology, Professional and personal development and Immunology. While paper 4, Ethics, Biostatistics, Behavioural sciences and Epidemiology. And paper 5, OSPE.

I am crying looking at my carrymark assessment. I need to work harder to let myself pass these papers . I pick myself up and work my ass off because the term of study smart is not relevant at that time ( PE exam is not a joke man). Remember, when we are stepping out of our comfort zone, we are reaching the level where the "magic" can happen.


I cried after paper 3 because the questions, it's not like what I expected. It took me three days to move on! Like, there's no chance for me to survive my med school anymore. Huhu. But alhamdulillah, I passed this nerve-wrecking-paper!

We finished our exams on 10th August and the result released on 11th August. I almost getting tachycardia while waiting for a call from the lecturer. But if you don't received any calls that's mean you are officially a second year student yeay! Never underestimate the power of doa'. Especially your mom's doa.

And please, never give up.

I promised myself to do my very very very best in my second year and not repeating my mistakes in my first year. Insyaallah. Pray for me😊

Till then,

July 30, 2016

Professional Exam Year 1

Professional Exam Year 1

So ladies and gentleman, final exam is just around the corner. CAN YOU FEEL ME? Today is saturday and my PE is on Monday. Feels like crying and do nothing because I almost giving up on my studies. Oh this can't be. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee someone slap me and make me realise that this exam is important.

Professional exam is a border for you whether you pass your first year or nah. Oh Allah dont let the failure follow me in this exam😔

Please pray for me, Shazira binti mustapha and also my friends so that we all can pass this exam with flying colours. This exam is so nerve-racking. Hm. 


January 24, 2016

Medical Night 2015

Medical Night 2015

So yeah hari ni baru mahu upload gambar medical dinner 2015. Tema tahun ni OSCAR'S AWARD. Saja bagi bold, caps lock lagi tu haha untuk highlight yang medical doctor pun ada Oscar's Award macam retis retis hollywood. Mampooo? 

I don't want to talk much. So let's get started!

Btw, sikit ja gambar ada dan saya upload apa yang ada dalam pendrive ja okay huhu

twin tower and the cute princess :")

waiter of the night lol



with "Yuna" of the night


photographers of the night yang berjaya 

Banyak gambar aku dengan naim amin sebab kami photgrapher k jangan salah faham haahahaah. Kalau sudah pegang kamera tu faham fahamlah macam mana:")

 xoxo keksha.

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