Welcome to medschool

September 27, 2015

Hi Assalamualaikum.

I was so busy lately that's why i got no time to update my blog. Baru ada kesempatan nak update because cuti raya haji kan. Tapi sedih raya ni tidak balik sabah sebab tiket mahal sobs sobs sobs.

Okay next monday remarks my third week as a med student. For this third week of my journey, it was....quite tough for me. Especially subject anatomy because my lecturer is a foreigner and yeah he has different slangs than us. But it's okay. I will try my best chaiyok! 

Okay my orientation days start with our registration. I won't tell you details about my orientation day because it was just same with the old lame orientations we got when we were about to enter new school. Day 2 and 3 was filled with a lot of talks. Tapi best kot sebab ada motivational parts. Tetiba rasa semangat. Hehe

Oh lupa....
Day 3 (afternoon), we were interviewed by our lecturers(prof and dr) about why we want to enter medschool. Yeah goreng aje. Jangan merepek sudah. Nanti kena tanya macam macam hah menjawablah engko. Kahkahkah

The best part during my orientation days were.....

Activities that handled by our seniors.

I love colour run activity. I will share with you guys some of our pictures here hehe

And our last day of orientation.....

We had an oath ceremony *proud of you mr oath reader eh okay tak jk* and white coat ceremony yippeeeeeee i am a doctor to be! Ha ha ha

Okay that's all. Bye hahahaha

Xoxo, keksha. 

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