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February 14, 2014

Hi. Assalamualaikum uols. After two days of struggle to finish this blog, finally i have made it! Actually it was my fault for not copying the default template of my blogskin and save the new untouched blogskin to my template. Haihhhhhh. Nevermind. Back to topic haha
Peoples On Internet!

So basically, people will go on internet for almost 16 hours per day. They spent their time most on Instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook and so on. And the main point is I will share to you guys about some kind of peoples on internet. Let's go!

Peoples On Instagram.
I do really like to see some of insta famous's photos. I dont know why all of them are so pretty like omg i can die! They are all so flawless hmmm I know it was only a camera effect but I'm sure if we meet them in real life, they also look flawless like usual. Can I be like them? hmmm...

Some people on Instagram are likely to follow for following back then unfollowing *bajet Insta pemes lettew* It was so annoying yknow! Haha. No need to be like that guys I told ya.

Next is, peoples who are likely to post their unidentified photos. But that is their insta so they can do whatever they want to. 

Peoples On Twitter
For me, twitter is the place where we can express our feelings whether we are happy, sad or broken-hearted. But beware, some of our words may hurts the other. So, don't be too sarcastic all the time. It will make peoples dislike you.

Like instagram, some twitter's user will follow for following back and unfollowing back then *bajet twitter pemes lettew* They are also love to copy the other's tweet without any quote and make it as their tweet. Their idea. How pathetic they are hmmm.

Peoples On Facebook
Facebook is the way for me to get connected with my family, most of my real friends, my teachers and my relatives. Peoples on facebook are really "caring". This is because the comment is enable for every posts. Haha! 

But, some of them make facebook as their diary. Not all peoples like to see your posts. Every single minute post something. Hey? Make a twitter account and tweet whatever you want.

But the most things that i dont like is when some peoples use social web as their medium to bash someone. Think deeply, who are we to bash the others? To judge them? Maybe i am also one of them but let us together avoid from do that. Pity the others!

And..... That's all from me. Bye!

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