What's New On My Blog?

January 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum. Hi uols. I have changed my header's, background, blogger's name and everything. haha. I'd search for the new theme for almost three days. hahahaha yes. i am the one who are so hard to find any suitable new theme or template for my blog.

So i just decided to renovate this old theme to be a brand-new theme. It's so hard nowadays to find a tutorial on how to edit the blog skin because almost all the tutorial were only for the old face of blogger setting. fuhhhhhhh.. Im so happy that i still can deal with those html code. 

Okay come. I'll tell you how do i did my header. Okay simple. I only edit my header by using pixlr. Where i download pixlr? I only use pixlr online. Just search any simple header on google. Then save it to computer and upload to pixlr. I erase the unwanted things to be on my header and replace it with my word. you also can use photoshop. You must download it first okay? But........ I prefer to do my header online hahahahaha. Much more easier. After finish doing the header, save it to your desktop. Then upload to img.ur to get the header's url. After that, click on the image direct url and past it to your html code. But beware, paste it to the right code for the header's.

And then my background. Haha. I have tried for almost 5-6 background but still, i don't like it. After visiting one of blogger blog, i was inspired to set a white or grey as my background. So yeah i just google it and tadaaaaaa found the neat, smart and classy stripes background. 

Next, I have added an archived for my blog. This is because before this, my blog has no archived and it will harden my blog's reader to read my old entry by clicking the old posts ahaks. So i decided to add an archived at the side bar. You guys can read my old entry based on the title at the archived lists. 

Other than that, I have change the color of my bar's and title's background. Before this, the background's color is white but now i have change it with pink. Omg im so stressed to find the code for the title's and bar's. huhhhhhhhh..

And the last is i have added a sign for each entry. It is located at the end of all entries. xoxo, sindarella was the sign. haha

But sorry i haven't edit for the navigator. That's all. Adios.

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